Technology Is Our Focus

Technology Is Our Focus

When you work with PGT Solar Solutions, you’ll get an honest assessment of your going solar potential and only the highest quality products on the market. Our team will explain why technology is especially important for Arizona homeowners to combat the seasonal effects and to ensure your system performs the way it must. The proof is in the details. Let us help you navigate your going solar options and pick the right system for your unique home.

The solar experts at SunPower by PGT Solar have more than a decade of experience designing solar energy systems for homeowners throughout the Phoenix Valley. With over 1,000 satisfied customers, PGT Solar has the expertise to help you build a brighter future and realize immediate savings—often with zero down.

Solid Copper. Exceptional Results.

Our Maxeon® solar cell is fundamentally different. And dramatically better. With its unique copper foundation, our solar panel cell technology offers unmatched reliability and allows us to build panels with world-record efficiency. Talk about illuminating – Learn more.

25 Year Industry-Leading Warranty

Over time, all solar panels lose a small amount of production, measured by its annual degradation rate. SunPower panels have the lowest degradation rate in the industry, validated by 3rd party testing. This means that a system with SunPower panels can produce more power and we back this with our 25 year Complete Confidence warranty – Learn more. 

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Best-In-Class Workmanship, Obsidian-Liked Appearance

SEG Solar (SEG), founded in 2016, in Texas, USA, is dedicated to providing efficient support and excellent customer service. Their modules are designed specifically for the USA and European markets and are produced outside of China. SEG offers top tier solar technology and their black on black panels come in  435-450W offering exceptional power potential.

Well Balanced Between Aesthetic and Performance

Use 182 x 91mm Mono PERC Black Cell
Module Conversion Efficiency up to 19.7%
Extreme Aesthetic Appearance

Safer and More Reliable

Less mis-match and parallel design reduce shading impact
Enhanced Tolerance for Mechanical Loading
25 Year Linear Power Warranty

Reduced BoS and Installation Cost

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Product Warranty Details

Not All Solar Panels are Created Equal

Your home deserves a solar system that looks good. A solar system that delivers maximum energy in all conditions, even when partially shaded. A solar system that just works, year in and year out. Your home deserves Solaria. Discover why homeowners choose Solaria’s Pure Black™ PowerXT® solar panels. Solaria PowerXT, the premium choice in residential solar. Achieving up to 20% efficiency, Solaria PowerXT solar panels are one of the highest power panels in the residential solar market. With 20% more energy per square meter than traditional solar panels, Solaria’s advanced PowerXT panels generate maximum power in minimum space.

20 Years of Solar History

For 20 years, Solaria has had one goal, to make the best solar panel on the market, period. Employing its patent-protected technology, Solaria panels are unsurpassed in quality, efficiency, and design. Through extensive research and development, our engineers have created a premium, all-black solar panel that not only provides clean and abundant energy, but also looks beautiful on your home.

How We Redesigned the Solar Panel

Solaria was an early innovator of next-generation “shingled” solar panels, a ground-breaking solar technology in which solar cells are cut, overlapped (shingled), and more densely packed into the panel to create a substantially higher-power, higher-efficiency panel than conventional solar panels. Shingling allows the panel to be more flexible and adapt to environmental stressors like wind, rain and snow, contributing to the superior efficiency and longevity of the panel. Our proprietary shingling technology enables Solaria to achieve a unique all-black look to its panel by hiding the visible circuitry under the overlapped cells.

Building on REC’s multiple award-winning innovations, the REC Alpha Pure family of solar panels empowers you to take full advantage of solar energy. Packing in cutting-edge technologies to deliver higher power density, stunning aesthetics, and minimal environmental impact – all with the renowned quality of REC – REC Alpha Pure and Pure-R are the solar panels of choice for home solar. How does REC do it and what does it mean for you?

Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology

  • No LID = no power loss; you get the power you pay for
  • Leading temperature coefficient means more energy as temperatures rise
  • Higher power for greater savings and accelerated return on investment
  • With high power density (watts/m²), REC Alpha Pure and Pure-R panels generate more energy from the same area, getting more from limited spaces
  • REC Alpha Pure Series delivers around 16% more power on your roof compared to conventional panels

Pioneering panel designs

  • REC’s award-winning and iconic Twin design splits the REC Alpha Pure into two ‘Twin’ sections
  • Reduces internal resistance for more power and reliability
  • Continued energy production in shaded conditions means you see higher energy yields
  • REC Alpha Pure-R takes this further and divides the panel into four sections, producing even more energy in shade
  • Increased number of wires greatly improves flow of electricity current
  • Eliminating invasive soldering removes risk of cell damage or microcracks for long-lasting high performance
  • Stylish looks thanks to thin, barely-visible wires and uniformly black-colored cells
  • Full-black variant is a design masterpiece and the most elegant feature for your home
  • Solder-free cells & Environmentally-friendly manufacturing drastically reduces carbon footprint

Lead free

  • Lead-free*
  • Lead removed from all panel components, including cell connections, cross connectors and junction box soldering
  • No toxic leakage of lead after recycling
  • Enables homeowners to boost environmental impact and lower overall carbon footprint even more *RoHS compliant
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LGE Energy Storage System batteries are world-class, sought-after Li-ion NMC batteries. They have a nominal storage capacity of 9.8kWh. The storage capacity of the system can be increased to up to 19.6 kWh if a second battery is added. The useable capacity is 9.3kWh for one unit and 18.6kWh for two. The voltage range of the battery is 350 ~ 450V DC.

The three main battery chemistry types available for energy storage are:

  • AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat or Lead Acid): This is the lowest cost battery available for energy storage, but it has properties that make it unsuitable for moderate to high frequency discharge or for applications that will last for 10 or more years. Also, AGM requires periodic maintenance to balance the chemical components in the battery.
    AGM batteries have limited (80%) recommended Depth of Discharge (DoD). DoD indicates the percentage of the battery that has been discharged relative to the overall capacity of the battery. The number of times a battery is charged and discharged affects its lifespan. In AGM batteries, there is a correlation between the DoD and the cycle life of the battery: the deeper the battery is discharged, the fewer cycles are available.
  • LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate): This common battery chemistry is a Lithium Ion (Li-ion) derivative. LiFePO4 is not suitable for applications such as electric vehicles (EVs). However, it is a more accessible battery chemistry for smaller ESS providers because it is easily obtainable. The down side is that LiFePO4 has a lower capacity than Li-ion, and it doesn’t offer the same long-term reliability (it doesn’t hold a charge as long).
  • Li-ion (Lithium Ion): Li-ion and specifically the NMC formulation of Li-ion (LiNiMnCoO2 or lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide) is the gold standard for energy storage and for applications such as EVs. Li-ion is safe, durable and energy dense.

When LG Electronics began developing an energy storage system, there was no question which battery type the system would incorporate. Li-ion NMC technology was the best choice to provide a high level of storage capacity in a compact form factor, as well as long-term performance and reliability. Thanks to LGE’s deep experience in power electronics that use batteries, as well as work done by our sister company that manufacturers battery cells, we were able to bring a cost-effective, gold-standard Li-on NMC battery to market. The battery in the LGE Energy Storage System also requires minimal maintenance.

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Our newest IQ8 Microinverters are the industry’s first grid-forming microinverters with split-phase power conversion capability to convert DC power to AC power efficiently.

The brain of the semiconductor-based microinverter is our proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) which enables the microinverter to operate in grid-tied or off-grid modes. This chip is built in advanced 55nm technology with high-speed digital logic and has super-fast response times to changing loads and grid events, alleviating constraints on battery sizing for home energy systems.

In the event of an outage, electrical safety requirements specify that a solar system is completely isolated from the grid. With most inverters, that means without batteries the energy produced by your solar system during the outage is useless. However, with the new sunlight backup technology, solar owners can now take advantage of the power produced by their panels during an outage, even without batteries.
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